First instructional video with Sofia by Art by Mieke

First instructional video with Sofia by Art by Mieke

This afternoon there was a lot of activity in Art by Mieke’s studio making our first instructional video with Sofia by Art by Mieke. The kids enjoyed learning how to make a lino print. It was a lot of fun and we ended up making our first accidental instructional video. Scroll down the bottom to watch our first instructional video. I always thought I would be making my first instructional video before my kids would. But life is full of surprises. I don’t normally post any photos of my kids online, so to make sure they were okay with it I asked their permission first. They thought it would be good to share their experience because it would help teach other kids how to make a lino print.

My two beautiful daughters love spending time with me in the studio. We get our hands dirty, painting, airbrushing, working with clay and lots more. I try to expose them to as many different mediums, materials and techniques as possible. At the moment I am experimenting a lot myself with a large variety of materials for my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. For my current drawing unit, I decided to make a lino print. I had just finished cutting the lino before I picked up the girls from school. As we got home and the girls were unpacking their school bags I thought to sneak in a few prints before making dinner. But soon I had curious eyes following my every move. I was not getting away with keeping all the fun to myself this time. This turned out into a great learning experience for them as they both got to have a go at making a print each. They both decided to take their print and linocut with them to school for show and tell.

They were both so excited about making the prints, that they wanted to make their own print from scratch including the cutting of the lino on the weekend. I sourced some lino that was much easier to cut than the one I had been using. We thought this also might be a good idea for the calendar art competition at school. This way they could make something different than a painting or drawing. It was Sofia’s go first. She made a few sketches first so she could decide which she would prefer to make. She transferred her cow design onto the lino, then cut the lino and make her Happy Cow print.

I had only recently bought a new camera and decided to have a play around and document Sofia’s making of her Happy Cow print. She was keen to see the videos I had taken of her and we decided to make a little compilation of all the material. Before we knew it we were adding in voice-overs, subtitles and full instructions kids would be able to understand when they watched this video. This turned into our first full instruction video.

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Life Drawing

Life Drawing

Today I had the opportunity to attend my first life drawing event in about a year and a half. It was well overdue and much needed. It was wonderful to sit in a room with other mature artists and compare notes and experiences. Currently, I study at the Open University at Curtin Uni in Perth. Because I study online I don’t get to paint in a studio full of other artists, so this was lovely and refreshing. Since it had been so long it took me a while to loosen up and I realized how much I have missed it and how important drawing from life is. My eyes were looking for negative spaces, lines, shadows, proportion and depth. I changed medium a few times from pastels to graphite and acrylics. The paint was good because I could block out large areas and play with tone and colour. I had grabbed various colour in a large tonal range this morning. I wasn’t concerned with the actual colours, the tonal range was what I was after. Blue, brown, green, magenta, black, ocher and some skin tones.

Once the brushes came out I started to feel a bit more comfortable. I played with the brush by spinning and pushing it onto my paper to change my marks and line thickness. Constantly keeping a check on the negative space to keep proportions realistic.

In the corner of my eye, I could see another artist fanatically drawing with both her hands. That I hadn’t done before. She moved rather fast and I had to give that a go. That is so brilliant from drawing in a studio with other artists, you pick up new ideas and get to push yourself. I borrowed some waxy watercolour crayons and just started. It was very strange as you are looking twice as intense and your hands move at the same time, making marks, following the body, curves and shadows. It was exciting and a lot of fun. It helped me loosen up more and I was amazed of the results. It brought a lot of life in the drawing (get it…?). It almost felt like sculpting as I could draw the calf on both sides at the same time. My brain was doing overtime and it could only but allow my hands to drawn freely


That was life drawing for today, I hope you enjoy the images, they were as sure as fun to make.