Harnessing the power of smartphone technology and augmented reality creating amazing experiences for lovers of street art

Experience a world of Augmented reality at your fingertips

Download the App

Explore cities, artists and artworks. Locate the artworks on the map and follow the ARtrail. Simply download the app in the App store.

Currently we are offering Android and developing use for iOS.

Once Installed

Read the instructions on the welcome screen and press ‘next’ to start using the app. You only have to download the app once. When near a mural a beacon will send you a push notification letting you know where the mural is located and other nearby artworks.

Data from the public art register can be uploaded and added to the art trail. Data will be collected from the app users and which artwork have been visited.

Using the app

Once installed and pressed next on the welcome screen hold your camera over the artwork and see the art come to life with Augmented Reality. You can record what you are seeing through your camera and share it with your friends. You can touch your screen and read about the artwork, the artist. You can scroll through time to see the artworks that were painted on this location before. You can see what other artworks are nearby and open the ARtrail and wonder around town exploring stunning works of art.



Discover the artworks and artists and find out where they are located. When touching the map you will be taken to the ARtrail and you can discover all the artwork on that trail. When touching the artists photo, you will be taking to the artists information. When in Artists information you can scroll through their works, select them and find all about that artwork. You can like their Facebook page, Instagram and even browse their website.


Explore ARtrail around the nation*. Search location by state, region or type in the suburb to explore artworks, artists and ARtrails. A great way to plan for your next cultural holiday.

When in the suburb and wanting to start your ARtrail, simply open the app and click on ARtrail in the menu and you will be taken to the map where you can press play to start your ARtrail experience.

*Around the nation is for future development. Current proposal Sunshine Coast Only. Proposed locations shown in the next section

explore +  artist + artwork + location = ARTrail

Recommended Locations

Site 1. Translink Bus terminal

Ground level – Preferred Location

Site 2. Seagate Building

Ground Level – Adjacent to Translink Bus Terminal

Site 3. Public Laneway

Located between Translink Bus terminal and Bullcock street