About Mieke

The artist behind Art by Mieke’s Custom Designed Art, Graphic Design, Art Classes, Art Workshops and specialized programs for Schools and Businesses

Sunshine Coast is Home

Mieke van den Berg is a Sunshine Coast based Artist who started painting murals some 25 years ago.

She is a creative translator of ideas and turning these ideas into magical hand crafted custom art and engaging teaching experiences.

People + Place

Mieke’s focus is connecting art with people and place. People, people who at times seemingly appear to be disconnected to the world around them and each other more than ever before.

Her murals are hand painted works of art that will breathe life into homes, business and public spaces.

Location + Connection

She considers the location, who will engage in the work and strives to create connection between viewer and place.

Delivering visual and artistic connection to location is a key ingredient is forging a standout visual aesthetic for your business be it retail or otherwise.

Let’s create together

If you have  a creative project idea, or your keen to bring your business graphics, signwriting and blackboards to life

today or you just want to get a little creative yourself and take part in an art class or workshop checkout our